Theological Discussions at the Doyle House

Theological Discussions at the Doyle House

I came across this old post from 2008, and I enjoyed remembering it so much that I had to repost it.  (Please note that my children are older, but the conversations haven’t necessarily changed that much.)

The following is from 2008:

So I walk into the living room and overhear the end of an apparently deep theological discussion among my daughters.

Hailey (9):  “. . . God can do anything.”

Abby (5, thinks for a few seconds):  “God can swim?”

Hailey: Anything, Abby.”

Abby:  “Even make cards?”

Hailey:  “God can do anything.”

You never can tell what kind of God-conversation will happen when you have kids.  Jacob, three, he asked me

Jacob:  “Daddy, does God have a penis?”

Me:  “Well . . . um . . . Jesus had a penis.”

Jacob:  “Jesus was a boy?”

Me:  “Yes.”

Jacob:  “Let’s play spiderman.”

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