“Mr. Doyle, Thank You for Your Input…”

“Mr. Doyle, Thank You for Your Input…”

Every time I contact the offices of our US Senators and Representatives from here in Oklahoma, I get the sense that they could care less what any of us think.

Every time.

“Mr. Doyle, Thank you for your input.

No, I have not really looked into any of the issues you mention with detail, but why should I? We have already decided to act in a very predictable party-line fashion that, not-surprisingly, makes our more important constituents and powerful people in our party happy. I’m hoping for a nice consulting job or appointment in case this Congress gig doesn’t work out as a lifelong career.

Thank you, you naive twit, for contacting us. Your belief in democratic representation and actual dialogue with citizens is cute.

Sincerely, Your Congressman”

That’s not the literal wording, of course. Sort of my paraphrase.

I’ve wondered if that would be the same if I had a million or so dollars to give?

Even so, please contact them anyway. I still do.

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I’m a husband, father, and one of those friends who has a terrible habit of not returning phone calls.  I’m really just trying to figure out what it means to follow Jesus, and I enjoy meeting great people along the way and maybe having a chance to spend time talking about things deep and trivial.

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