Podcast on the Gospel of Mark

Podcast on the Gospel of Mark

Craig Evan Anderson (Claremont Graduate University) and Matthew Ryan Hauge (Azusa Pacific University) have launched a podcast series about the Gospel of Mark.  I’ve listened to the first episode and thought it was really good.  Here’s a snippet of their thoughts:

This podcast episode addresses the diverse ways in which the canonical Gospels speak about the life of Jesus. Oftentimes, in popular Christian culture we blend the Gospels together, manufacturing a super-gospel that harmonizes the diversity of the four Gospels into a gospel that does not exist. Unfortunately, this popular harmonization functions as a subtle rejection of the Gospels as they are presented in the Bible and silences the unique beauty of the voice of each Gospel.

Go hear to listen and read their summary of episode 1.  They have also produced a series on Kings.

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