Online Hebrew: Session One Notes

Here are the slides and basic material from our first online sessions.

Here is the Hebrew we learned:

שלום – Shalom – “peace”, “hello”, “goodbye”

על – ‘al – “on”, “upon”

שלום עליכם – Shalom ‘aleikhem – “Peace [be] upon you.”

טוב – Tov – “good”

רע – Ra – “bad”

אני – Ani – “I”, “me”

לא – Lo – “No”, “not”

מה – Mah – “what”

מאד – “very” – an intensifier +++

מה שלומך – Mah shlomkha – To a man: “How are you?”, literally “What [is] your peace?”

מה שלומך – Mah shlomekh – to a woman: “How are you?”, literally “What [is] your peace?”

שלומי טוב – Shlomi tov – “I’m good”, literally “My peace [is] good.”

טוב מאד – Tov me’od – “Great!” “Very good!”

לא טוב – lo tov – “Not good.”

אני לא רע – Lo ra – “Not bad.”

להתראות – L’hitra’ot – “See you!”, literally, “To see”



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