Jesus and the Clinton-Trump Decision

Jesus and the Clinton-Trump Decision

When the day came, the Republicans and Democrats came to test him, and they asked him: “Rabbi, tell us who you are voting for. ”

“Why do you ask me who I am voting for?”, he asked.

“You have to vote for someone!”, they demanded.

The Clintonians said, “Trump is horrible. No person, serving God, could vote for him!”

The Trumpers likewise said, “No! if you don’t vote for Trump, you are voting for Clinton! She is the evil one!”

Jesus looked at them intently, paused and sat down.  All eyes were upon him.

“Tell us!” They demanded.

He looked across the fields and began by saying, “Let those who have ears to hear, listen:

Consider the ravens and wild-flowers…”


(For reference, see Luke 12.24–31 and Matt 6.26–33.)


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