Hebrew Alef-Bet Part 2: The Consonants

An introduction the twenty-two consonants of the Hebrew Alef-Bet.

Here they are for a quick visual reference:


Name Block Cursive Sound
Alef א Hebrew letter Alef handwriting.svg no sound
Bet ב Hebrew letter Bet handwriting.svg B or V
Gimel ג Hebrew letter Gimel handwriting.svg G (never J)
Dalet ד Hebrew letter Daled handwriting.svg D
He ה Hebrew letter He handwriting.svg H
Vav ו Hebrew letter Vav handwriting.svg V or used with O/U vowels
Zayin ז Hebrew letter Zayin handwriting.svg Z
Het ח Hebrew letter Het handwriting.svg
Tet ט Hebrew letter Tet handwriting.svg
Yod י Hebrew letter Yud handwriting.svg Y
Kaf כ Hebrew letter Kaf handwriting.svg K or KH
Final Kaf ך Hebrew letter Kaf-final handwriting.svg KH
Lamed ל Hebrew letter Lamed handwriting.svg L
Mem מ Hebrew letter Mem handwriting.svg M
Final Mem ם Hebrew letter Mem-final handwriting.svg M
Nun נ Hebrew letter Nun handwriting.svg N
Final Nun ן Hebrew letter Nun-final handwriting.svg N
Samekh ס Hebrew letter Samekh handwriting.svg S
Ayin ע Hebrew letter Ayin handwriting.svg No sound, but added “throaty sound”
stops and vowels
Pe פ Hebrew letter Pe handwriting.svg P or F
Final Pe ף Hebrew letter Pe-final handwriting.svg F
Tsadi צ Hebrew letter Tsadik handwriting.svg Tz/Ts
Final Tsadi ץ Hebrew letter Tsadik-final handwriting.svg Tz/Ts
Qof ק Hebrew letter Kuf handwriting.svg Q (quick pop type “q” in throat)
Resh ר Hebrew letter Resh handwriting.svg R
Shin ש Hebrew letter Shin handwriting.svg Sh or S
Tav ת Hebrew letter Taf handwriting.svg T
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