Emanuel Tov on the Dead Sea Scrolls

Dr. Emanuel Tov, professor emeritus from Hebrew University, gave a lecture at Oklahoma Christian University in April 2014 (how did I miss this…it’s 2 miles away from my house?).  If you are interested in the texts of the Hebrew Bible or the Dead Sea Scrolls, this is a great video to see.

Dr. Tov is well known by those in textual studies of the Hebrew Bible.  Here is a brief bio provided by Oklahoma Christian:

Dr. Tov is a prominent scholar in the fields of textual criticism of the Hebrew Bible, Septuagint studies, and the Dead Sea Scrolls. Some of his many contributions to biblical studies include the seminal volume Textual Criticism of the Hebrew Bible (now in its third edition; 2012) and his editorship of part of the Discoveries in the Judaean Desert series. He has taught many years as J.L. Magnes Chair of Bible at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, where he continues to teach as Professor Emeritus. Dr. Tov also currently serves as Senior Scholar of Early Jewish Texts for the Green Scholars Initiative, which is the research group associated with the Green Collection of biblical and related texts.

Dr. Tov’s Textual Criticism of the Hebrew Bible is great, and I highly recommended if you want to know the textual history and issues regarding the Hebrew Bible:

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