Turkey: According to A New Friend

I had a good conversation with a new friend last night who is from Turkey. He explained to me a bit of the situation there. He is deeply concerned for the country and for his family who still live in Turkey.

Rich Rosendahl on Syrian Refugees and Being Good Neighbors

This is the first in a series of podcasts addressing the topic of Syrian Refugees. This episode contains an interview with Rich Rosendahl from November 2015. Rich is the founder and director of The Nations, an organization focused on coaching individuals and groups on how to connect with our refugee neighbors locally and around the world. Rich has a broad …

The Nine: Overcoming ISIS

Please watch this video, all of it. It is the story of followers of Jesus who have seen the evil of DAESH (ISIS) directly. Hear their stories and listen to their response.

Terror Is the Enemy (a guest post by Callen Clarke)

“…we must see Terrorism for what it is: an invitation to fear proffered by our enemy in order to perpetuate our conflict with him. It means we cannot win until we cease to hate.” Another great, insightful, and challenging piece from composer, author, and my good friend Callen Clarke:

The White House’s Secret Deal with Iran

NOTE:  This post was written as a form of satire, as test to 1) see how people (particularly conservatives) would respond when they became aware at the end of the article that the following events were part of the 1980’s Iran-Contra affair under President Reagan rather than concerning President Obama and the current U.S.-Iran discussions and 2)  see if people in the social media …